[sdiy] New dsPIC chips with on-chip audio DACs

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 28 18:02:45 CET 2008

Veronica Merryfield wrote:
> The synergy uses a phase 
> cancellation technique for amplitude control to avoid a multiply which 
> could either be used or if this device has a quick multiply, that could 
> be used

There's a single-cycle 16x16->32 multiply available (signed or 
unsigned), and if your additive synthesis involves summing up lots of 
waveforms there are two 40-bit MACs with options for truncation or 
rounding on unload.

BTW - what's the output sample rate on the Synergy? That will have a 
significant effect on the number of oscillators you can do. I've usually 
run sample rates > 100kHz and can still get several interpolated 
wavetable oscillators running simultaneously.

> (I'm still looking at the instruction set and it is more or less 
> an instruction per cycle but pipelined - there are instructions that add 
> a cycle or two of delay though so it might end up being nearer a 20MIPS 
> processor with real code than the 40MIPS they quote).

Yes, branching and table lookup instructions take more than one cycle, 
so the 40MIPS may be a bit optimistic. OTOH, when doing repetitive 
computations like multiply-accumulate of several vectors there are 
low-overhead repeat prefixes and auto-incrementing prefetches that allow 
you to get a lot of stuff done simultaneously and keep the pipelines full.


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