[sdiy] Cap assortment?

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Wed Mar 26 14:33:33 CET 2008

I would buy the Xicon Polystyrene Capacitor assortment boxes from
Mouser. These come in two ranges, one in small pF values and the
larger in values up to .01uF. These would be excellent for high quality
uses like VCO, sample hold etc.

Then I would buy a number (1 bought 100's but you decide) of Mylar
(polyester) caps in maybe 50V, 5% values.  I started at .001uF and bought up
to .1uF.  I bought the green coloerd Xicon caps.  5% is good for most work.

I'd suggest something like 
and then repeat
up to .1uF

You can buy more values to fill in the gaps but these will fill almost all
synth needs (filters etc)

I also buy .1uF, 50V axial lead cermaics (X7R) as decoupling caps

By the time you reach .1uf you are likely to be running out of what
is practical in a film capacitor. I'd then choose non-polar electrolytics


beyond that you can buy normal electrolytics in whatever values you need.

Ceramic disk caps are not bad in lower values, most of them smaller than .001
are usually NPO anyway. Its the larer values that get really crappy.

H^) harry

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008 03:21:56 -0700, synth junk wrote
> My caps are garbage, I never have the right values for synth work.
> When I do they're usually nasty disc caps. In fact, I literally have
> something like 4000 of several useless values in huge bags.
> I want to stock the box so that means buying a bunch all at once.
> Trying to make my way through digikey or mouser is a nightmare. I
> really just don't know what to get. Can anyone recommend either
> several assortments, or, some specific ranges of part numbers that 
> are a particularly good value?
> As an example, I have no problem buying resistors I just go for the 
> 1% guys 200 at a time from mouser. I don't bother with 5% resistors 
> at all anymore unless I already have them and don't specifically 
> need a 1%.
> BTW: Despite the fact that you can get all 14 "All for one money",
> this is not what I have in mind.
> thanks,
> david
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