[sdiy] Adaption 14V gate <-> 5V gate

Florian Anwander Florian.Anwander at consol.de
Tue Mar 25 15:41:50 CET 2008

Hi Pala

> Please check this:
> http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/analogsynth/oddsandends.html
> (in the middle of the page or so)
The transistor boosted gate in is nice and easy, but I think there are 
some places in the System 100 where the gate of a released key must be 
-12V (e.g the so called auto glide; see 
http://fa.utfs.org/diy/roland100/101_vco4.jpg top left quarter). So I 
want to have a note off = -14 Volts.


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