[sdiy] Adaption 14V gate <-> 5V gate

harrybissell at wowway.com harrybissell at wowway.com
Tue Mar 25 14:31:41 CET 2008

For the 14V to 5V I'd use a series resistor and a 5.1V
zener diode.  The resistor value will depend on how much current the
source can provide and how much load the 5V side needs.

A potentiometer (or resistor divider) will not give a stable voltage
if the load changes  (well it can, if the divider is MUCH lower in
resistance than the load)

I'd try a 1K series resistor and a 5.1V zener. That would give a
10mA drain on the source.

H^) harry

On Tue, 25 Mar 2008 13:58:12 +0100, Florian Anwander wrote
> Hi,
> I have to build a little interface which converts between the 14V 
> gate of my System 100 to 5V gates of other devices. Do you know 
> wether there are any known traps, or can I simply use a 
> potentiometer for outgoing gate and a comparator for incoming gate?
> Florian
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