[sdiy] Microchip DSP kit $60 > AVR32

Joe Grisso jgrisso at det3.net
Mon Mar 24 03:06:28 CET 2008

    With all this talk of *AVR* architectures, ARM, DSPic, etc. I'm
surprised nobody's jumped in with Cypress PSoC family. The nifty thing
about the PSoC is that it's like a combination of MCU + FPGA/FPAA
resources. The programmable hardware blocks have various functions you
can use - encoding/decoding, ADC/DAC, filtering, etc. They're also as
cheap to develop with as AVRs, with a starter kit running about $30US,
which includes a programmer. Dev tools are free too... quite noice!

Stay Frosty,

Joe Grisso
Detachment 3 Engineering

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