[sdiy] Microchip DSP kit $60 > AVR32

Seb Francis seb at burnit.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 00:24:24 CET 2008

I'll 2nd that.  My last project was based on dsPIC.
Looking forward to writing some different software based on this 
hardware when I get a moment.  Got a few plans for soft-modules in 
hardware modular...


Bruce Duncan wrote:
> For SDIY you can't beat the simplicity of the dsPIC.
> There is a ton of info and code examples for the entire PIC line. A 
> lot of which can be adapted to the dsPIC instruction set.
> User forums are huge with many experts and knowledgeable people 
> helping with questions.
> Although they can be a bit rude if it appears you aren't trying hard 
> enough to solve the problem yourself.
> Onboard features like 12bit A2D, EEPROM storage, SPI, and internal OSC 
> with PLL
> make them very inexpensive to use. Free IDE and super cheap 
> programmers are also a great plus.
> Easy availability of dsPIC in thru hole packages is a great for 
> breadboarding etc and there are even 18 pin
> versions great for making a simple sine wave VCO with 88kHz sample 
> rate for $3 bucks
> Between Tom Whiltshire, Eric Brombaugh and myself we have done some 
> truly amazing modules, IMHO with
> the dsPIC. I don't think any of them could have been done as easily or 
> cost effectively using other processors.
> Certainly it would have taken more peripherals to do it without the dsPIC
> Bruce
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