[sdiy] My latest project/time sink

Tom Arnold xyzzy at sysabend.org
Fri Mar 21 18:58:01 CET 2008

I've been working on this since Thanksgiving.  Between work sucking up too
much time, getting rid of my housemate, and other issues it has taken far
longer then I expected to assemble but its almost ready to move inside!


Thats a picture with all the drawers pushed in.


And with the drawer and an OB-x sitting on it.

The concept was to go vertical instead of horizontal, put little used synths
lower or higher then fully comfortable use ( DSS1 goes at the bottom ) and
synths that are used more often in the middle.  All controls fully
accessable and minimal footprint when closed.  As a side gain, once its
installed and chained to the wall, a rod down the handles and its fairly
ready for an earthquake.

Design faults/drawbacks.   I dont think I left enough room inside for power
strips.  Major mistake on my part.  Oh, and its heavy as hell at about
350lbs.  I would have preferred to use a different paint.  I'm happy with
the colour but couldnt find a paint with a finish I liked, so I used latex
floor paint which should harden up nicely but was brushed/sprayed/rolled in
place so its not great.  honestly, I'm tired of working on this thing and
almost just deployed it unfinished.

All thats left is to cover the top and 5 more drawers with vinyl ( you can
see the vinyl on 3 of the drawers already ) and then find people who will
help me drag it inside.  I hope it fits through the door...

Just a few more wood-based projects and I can get back to what I really want
to do and thats make noise and more noisemakers...

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