[sdiy] Arp ProSoloist schematic?

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Fri Mar 21 01:53:59 CET 2008

Contact cleaners now a days are normally not going to cause any problem 
in a situation like this.  More likely there's a connector backwards 
somewhere or something :-).  I don't have time to pull my diagrams right 
now as I'm heading out of town and frantically trying to get things 
done.  I can pull them when I'm back in commission around april 11th 
maybe. -Bob

Daniel Araya wrote:

>I have a ProSoloist on my workbench and it has a very strange problem, the different octaves work but the pitch is "backwards", i.e the lowest key gives the highest note in every octave and it's consistent over the whole keyboard!
>The cause is propably that the owner had some intermittent key contacts and decided to spray the whole synth (including PCB's) with some kind of contact spray! *sigh*
>Anyway, I found the service manual but the page (52) with the schematic for the key scanner (board E) is missing in the pdf!
>I did find a patent with the circuit but a schematic with IC numbers would be helpful!
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