[sdiy] Samppa Tolvanen the ultimate idiot!

karl dalen dalenkarl at yahoo.se
Wed Mar 19 23:42:27 CET 2008

Dude, whats your problem really? 

It seams that your only purpose here at sdiy list are to disturb,provoke,
troll up and being a general arshole! In the past you have attacked several
other people among them Magnus, Seb,Jarret, Aaron, not to mention the fun you
have made out of the Japanese friends of this list by ridiculing their English.

People on this list have already long time ago directly told you to stop the
harassments of them, then all you do are to switch to a new target, and for
some time back i'm the target for your idiotic harassment postings before
that it was Seb and so it moves on!!!!

Aren't there an end to this?
Do you have screw loose or something?
Or are you just retarded, disabled in some way?

It's sad to see you constantly humiliating yourself by making these post's,
your making your self look like an IDIOT ,are you blind or something? 

I consider your behavior as close to *stalking* and you sincerely needs


> How many *actual calculations* You've done in this episode?
> And how many things *You already know* You've deliberately forgotten
> for the arguments sake?
> And for the question You just asked from René - I'm starting to get
> flashbacks from Ohms law, series resistance.. *shudder*
> Samppa (Look's who's talking..)

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