[sdiy] MOTM panel paint

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Tue Mar 18 18:36:25 CET 2008

The current MOTM paint is Sherman-Williams Polane B polyurethane. This is a 
2-part "spray-on", solvent-based paint. However, recent OSHA legislation has 
made it very difficult to apply this paint (special air filters/hazmat 
suits/blah blah blah).

Therefore, from this day forward, all new MOTM panels (meaning, new designs 
and reorders for current designs, once supplies are exhausted) will be using 
Cardinal Industrial Finishes #C241-BK01 TGIC-free polyester semi-gloss 
powder coating.

I have been looking at *many* types of finishes, trying to get a close as 
possible to the original. This is the best I can come up with. The finish is 
not as 'splattered' as the original, but the color and 'sheen' is *VERY* 
close. Also, this powder coat is very "silkscreen friendly" (many powder 
coats are not).

Paul S.

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