[sdiy] PCB's kits and parts FS (CEM's!)

Steve Maietta srmaietta at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 17:04:20 CET 2008

Hey guys, its project reality check.    Synth DIY
garage sale..

thanks for looking..

all prices include US shipping, all boards are 100% as

MB808 pcb+partial parts kit. MIDIbox sequencer
controlled analog 808 clone on one big board. Boooooom
like no other. $140 shipped. 

KLEE sequencer board+ parts kit. $130 

1x Oakley, REV2 3031 PCB + TBDAC PCB. Hard to find
parts kit, Oakley green plastic Pots + brackets and a
set of nice solid silver alum knobs. Documentation.
Make a beautiful 1u CV and MIDI controlled 303 clone.

10x T.henry SNvoice PCB + "cockroach" SN76477 (NOS,
untested) + LM394 and Tempco set. "Wall of SN76477"
anyone? $35 ea 

1x Ruberto Steiner Synthacon VCF PCB -$25 

1x 9090 TR909 clone PCB set + original transistor set
+ drilled and graphic'ed 2u case, pots, knobs.
Documentation. Buy parts, solder for a week and here's
a sick MIDI 909 clone.$250 

4x CEM 3330 dual VCA-$35 ea 
5x CEM 3310 EG -$25 ea 
6x CEM 3320 VCF -$30 ea 
6x CEM 3340 VCO -$35 ea 

50x SA571 compander IC's NOS. $1 ea 

100x THAT2155 VCA IC's $2 ea 

25x MN3207 Ebay bought 1 year ago, untested -offers? 
25x MN3102 Ebay bought 1 year ago, untested -offers? 

first come first served. if you're interested, PM me
and Ill give you details & paypal info. 

thanks for looking 


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