[sdiy] cosmetic cleaning of synth surface

mike ruberto somnium7 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 14:30:38 CET 2008

I use white vinegar on unpainted metal. Does a great job and very safe
for silkscreens and plastic.


On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 7:53 AM, Andre Majorel <aym-htnys at teaser.fr> wrote:
> On 2008-03-17 12:37 +0100, Florian Anwander wrote:
>  > What I never did until now is a basic cleaning of the housing of
>  > such an old synth. The synths are optically without a scratch,
>  > but have the dirt of 30 years on them. [...] how do you clean
>  > stuff like this?
>  I usually start with "alcool à bruler" a.k.a denatured alcohol
>  (methanol). It gets rid of most things.
>  The glue used in labels and adhesive tape requires something like
>  "essence C", "essence F", white spirit etc. (petroleum spirits).
>  Grunge sometimes requires Ajax-style ammoniated household
>  cleanser, the kind you use on the stove and kitchen table.
>  If none of the above work, there's trichloroethylene and acetone
>  but those will melt most plastics and possibly some paints.
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