[sdiy] JH tripple chorus questions

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Thu Mar 13 07:56:56 CET 2008

	Thanks for the pointers. I will post pictures when it's done. Looks
like people have some nice modules from what is posted on that electro
music thread!


JH. wrote:
> The way I got the best stereo effect is described on my Triple Chorus page:
> http://www.jhaible.heim.at/triple_chorus/triple_chorus.html
> Stereo effect using individual outputs (390 kB mp3)
> http://www.jhaible.heim.at/triple_chorus/jh_string_ensemble_demo_stereo_r8b.mp3
> Yes, we can do Stereo, with the individual outputs.
> My first thought was to take the 3 individual outputs and mix them, one 
> panned left, one center, and one right. But then the "Ensemble" effect falls 
> apart, and the modulation sounds overly strong. I think you can do a lot of 
> experiments with mixing the individual outputs, and will find interesting 
> configurations.
> The above sound sample was made with a very simple setup, however:
> The full mix (main output) goes to one channel, and one individual channel 
> goes to the other. The two channels are then panned almost (but not totally) 
> left and right on the mixing desk.
> JH.
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> So I'm starting to think ahead to a front panel for my chorus (ahead of
> myself, still have not received the bbds) and I was wondering about a
> couple of ideas.
> -bringing the 'fast' 'slow' and 'waveform' pots to the front panel
> and
> -making a simple mixer to add on so I could have a 'balance' control for
> each output.
> I read JH says wide stereo spread ruins the effect, but I thought maybe
> a slight shift might be nice, something for the surround sound to play with.
> Anyone tried? Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> -Al
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