[sdiy] JH tripple chorus questions

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The way I got the best stereo effect is described on my Triple Chorus page:

Stereo effect using individual outputs (390 kB mp3)
Yes, we can do Stereo, with the individual outputs.
My first thought was to take the 3 individual outputs and mix them, one 
panned left, one center, and one right. But then the "Ensemble" effect falls 
apart, and the modulation sounds overly strong. I think you can do a lot of 
experiments with mixing the individual outputs, and will find interesting 
The above sound sample was made with a very simple setup, however:
The full mix (main output) goes to one channel, and one individual channel 
goes to the other. The two channels are then panned almost (but not totally) 
left and right on the mixing desk.


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So I'm starting to think ahead to a front panel for my chorus (ahead of
myself, still have not received the bbds) and I was wondering about a
couple of ideas.

-bringing the 'fast' 'slow' and 'waveform' pots to the front panel


-making a simple mixer to add on so I could have a 'balance' control for
each output.

I read JH says wide stereo spread ruins the effect, but I thought maybe
a slight shift might be nice, something for the surround sound to play with.

Anyone tried? Thoughts?


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