[sdiy] Some power supplies FS

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Mon Mar 10 03:28:09 CET 2008

ELPAC new, never used power supplies.

a) Model WM220-1 linear 'tabletop' supply. Currently $120. +5V/2A, 
+-12V/0.5A each. 115VAC input *ONLY*, output connector is a 5-pin DIN. $60, 
free US shipping

b) Model WRI3031 switching 'tabletop' supply, 95-250VAC input using IEC plug 
(like a PC). +5V/2A, +12V/1.5A, -12V/0.5A output connector on 5-pin DIN. 
Currently $124, $60 free shipping worldwide.

c) Model M42018 'mini-tabletop' supply, 95-250VAC in, +18V/1.1A output on 
barrel plug. Currently $60, $20 US/$30 foreign.

Toshiba laptop supplies, (2 of them) 95-250VAC in, +15V/4A out on barrel 
plug. $20 US/$30 foreign for both.

Paul S.

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