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> > If one looks closely at mobile phones each one has quite capable
> > synthesis engine, closed for the phone user off course but still
> > there are a vast amount of computing power in a regular phone.
> Indeed. Most have an ARM9 or better in them together with a  
> significant DSP processor. Some have just a DSP and some have a second  
> ARM core. Take a look at TI's OMAP range to get a good idea of what is  
> in many phones. Intel XScale has ben used along with devices from  
> Freescale. Also, Samsung have a couple of dev boards that are an  
> almost ready to go phone solution.

Right, ARM cores are a bit of defacto standard in the mobile phone industry.
Some mentioned BGA and how many layers, well those are issues to.
Particularly number of layers. 
> Whilst I would agree that the intel quad cores are pretty powerful  
> beasts, they have a few draw backs.

I was referring to the *new* design they are doing for hand helds.

 I would rather see a mix, perhaps  
> like the chameleon, where one CPU is used for IO and a DSP is used for  
> the core audio work. DSPs tend to be good at the MACs in single cycles  
> (although pipelined) and the associated memory access with better  
> clock to power ratios, although I know general purpose processors are  
> getting good at it. Also, dual and quad cores give you more CPU horse  
> power, but without a corresponding upgrade to the memory pathways.  

Multi cores are on its way, lets see if tool sets are going to handle them

> Also, in most cases, adding more processors takes more CPU time to co- 
> ordinate and communicate. For much of the kind of work needed in a  
> rack module, a management CPU (midi, ADC, DAC, USB? etc) and a  
> dedicated DSP would do the trick. In theory, such a device could work  
> as a complex sequencing engine or as a complete synthesis module or as  
> a CV device and synthesis component. Get the pricing right, and the  
> way is open to a rack with several of these mixed with analogue  
> modules. Could be a very interesting project.
> Vrnc
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