[sdiy] DIY strobe tuner?

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Sat Mar 8 23:40:47 CET 2008

On Saturday 08 March 2008 16:26, anthony wrote:
> I can't remember if we've discussed this: anyone know of or has done a DIY
> strobe tuner? I'm talking about the kind with the spinning wheel, etc.
> etc.. What kind of motor do those use? I have a BIG universal motor I got
> out of an old Remington Rand adding machine (the case of which will be used
> for some kind of bomb-proof synth project...). I also have acces to some
> old Hammond M-series organs. Do those have synchronous motors? Is that the
> kind of motor? I seem to remember a discussion involving strobe tuners and
> the motor being the sticking issue...

It would have to be a synchronous motor,  but I sure wouldn't be butchering 
some old Hammond organ to get one,  there are probably other sources for them 
out there.

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