[sdiy] Soundbite Progress

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Sat Mar 8 07:43:24 CET 2008


> I suppose that it's in the archives but there are a lot of messages and I
> missed the discussion. Could someone tell me where to order one of these
> soundbite boards?

this page has a 'buy it' tab, $150.

> Also, are there any inexpensive pcboards that have DSPic + DA like what
> Tom
> was discussing for his recent project. I'd rather not debug hardware and
> software at the same time. Been there and I try not to go back.

the soundbite has 4 stereo ins and 4 stereo outs (1 of each is optical or
analogue), comes with a USB link and pretty much everything you need to
get rolling with DSP.

oh, and it's small somthing 100mm x 100mm, maybe a little smaller.
I plan to put this inside a case for my QiX project along with a coldfire
eval board.
Only hardware I'll be building is MIDI, board ineterconnect (SPI) ad a
front panel (connected via serial link to coldfire).
Like you say, why renvent the wheel?


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