[sdiy] Way OT - Survey - was Who's the oldest?

cs e modulemania at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 23:45:11 CET 2008

31 yrs old.

Got into electronics (started buying PCBs and hording schematics) when
I was 26.
Started (from scratch) a bachelors of Electrical Engineering at 27,
will graduate in May '09.

On 2/26/08, Tim Daugard <daugard at sprintmail.com> wrote:
> To make the results more meaningful. If I publish a survey of the ages, the
> youngsters
> need to chime in also.
> So. To prevent the skew of ages from from the orginal question, If you want
> to participate
> you can send me your current age. I will compile the results maybe Sunday.
> Fell free to
> reply privately.
> The public question was an attempt to determine the oldest age of people on
> the list. I
> was discussing with my mother new ways to contact people and create
> friendships. It
> appears that the baby boomers are the oldest generation on this list.
> And I welcome all you yongsters to the list. Y'all keep us oldsters thinking
> and sharp. I
> would be replying more, but there are soooo many that beat me to the answers
> of the good
> questions.
> Thanks all.
> Tim
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