[sdiy] Yamaha CS-15D schematic

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Thu Mar 6 00:39:00 CET 2008

That's correct.  He's been with them for a long time.  Nice guy.  His 
official word of course has to be that these are Yamaha's intellectual 
property.  I presented the fact that

1) Nobody is going to use the schematics to try to put these into 
production since you can't get more than a few parts here and there.

2) The only people who even own them are collectors or people like me 
who just have to have that sound :-)  These products aren't even in the 
same category as anything they are currently marketing or likely will in 
the future.  They are big, limited, yet beautiful in their own way to 
those who have them of course.

So I wondered if Yamaha might want to make an exception on these and he 
brought up ebay sellers etc. which of course would increase (people 
selling copies that is.  Selling actual Yamaha manuals is something that 
anyone is free to do if they purchased them of course.  They just don't 
have the right to copy them for distribution.)

Anyway he said just contact him if you are an individual in the US who 
needs one for repair or whatever and sometimes he'll send an OVERALL 
diagram.  Not service manuals.  All Yamaha has in pdf are the overall's 
on the older stuff and block diagrams and those are only available for 
servicers who have an agreement with them.  -Bob

Roy J. Tellason wrote:

>On Wednesday 05 March 2008 18:00, Bob Weigel wrote:
>>I just got off the phone w/Yamaha as yet someone else wanted this
>>diagram and I had something else to talk about so here's what I wrote
>>the guy.
>>I'm calling them right now to see what their latest word is on the
>>matter.  Obviously there's no infringing market.  Even if people could
>>get the manuals they'll not be building synths like this again and
>>nobody can get more than a few of the parts so...what is the point of
>>keeping the manual from people?  I have no idea.  Obviously these
>>products don't remotely infringe on the market for any of their current
>>products.  They are just the property of collectors and people like me
>>who want those esoteric sounds in their productions.
>>Anyway... hcasey at yamaha.com tells me that I can't distribute anything as
>>I thought but HE (for people in continental US) will often send out
>>these older schematics if someone will sign an agreement.
>Harvey Casey?  I know the man,  I spoke to him on the phone any number of 
>times during the period when we were a service center for those folks.  And 
>met him and spent time with him and others there during the time that I was 
>out there for two different P.A.C.E. seminars,  in 1986 and 1988.
>>For outside US he said Go to the yamaha international site
>>and 'countries & regions' upper left there.  Select your area and use
>>that to find the contact people I guess and ask them because Yamaha
>>allows each region to set it's own policies on such things. -Bob
>What is it that they're asserting here?  Do they not want people to 
>electronically distribute the old manuals?  The paper copies?
>Here's the deal:  We had a shop,  and were doing service on a bunch of 
>different brands,  including particularly Yamaha,  Korg,  and Roland plus 
>some others.  I closed the shop in April of 1992.  At that point in time I 
>took all of the manuals that I had to another nearby business that I knew of 
>and worked with and told the guy who was running it,  "You'll perhaps use 
>these before I do."  Only thing is,   they dont' work on keyboards there!  So 
>recently I got an email from the guy talking about them doing a bunch of 
>fixing up and needing the room,  and at this point the only thing that's an 
>issue is transportation for me and those manuals -- my car is not currently 
>inspected and I can't afford the fine I'd get for driving it without 
>I'll be getting a hold of that stuff as soon as I can arrange something.  If 
>any of you guys are interested in any of it,  drop me a line offlist,  I'll 
>put 'em in a pile,  and I'll sort things out once I get the stuff and get it 
>here and figure out what I've got.  And then we'll take it from there.
>>Richard Atkinson wrote:
>>>Has anyone seen the schematic diagram for this rather unusual preset /
>>>variable monosynth? In one sense it's a more capable synthesizer than any
>>>of the CS-5, 10, 15 bunch, even the CS-30, since it has two VCOs, two
>>>2 VCAs and 4 envelope generators. However, half of that is stuck behind
>>>preset sounds only, and the modulation capabilities are inferior to
>>>all the
>>>previous synthesizers.
>>>A prime candidate for modification and modularising, you might say!
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