[sdiy] converting white noise to pink noise

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Wed Mar 5 18:42:59 CET 2008

On 5 Mar 2008, at 17:21, Dave Manley wrote:

> Tom Wiltshire wrote:
>> Being a longtime computer programmer, I obviously count "0, 1, 2,  
>> 3" rather than "1, 2, 3" but for some reason LFSR taps seem to  
>> mostly start with bit 1. Weird. Maybe they were designed by normal  
>> people or something.
> Pretty sure the blame for this lies with the mathematicians.  If  
> you ever do any crypto stuff you'll find similar numbering, and an  
> annoying habit of numbering the MSB "one".

Mathematicians, eh? Well, at least that lets the normal people off  
the hook.


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