[sdiy] Voltage Divider for 0-30v PSU (+/-15v output)

Anthony Bisset abisset at dspaudio.com
Sat Mar 1 10:10:40 CET 2008

Hey All,

At my recommendation my friend tried to split a 0-30v 2.5a switching
supply into +/- 15v (for driscol powering) using a simple circuit like
the following:

0v ----- -- ------------------ -15v
        |  |
    440mf  10k resistor
	\  |
           ------------------- common ground
        /  |
    440mf  10k resistor
	|  |
30v ---- -- ------------------ +15v

The meter shows +/-15v outputs referenced against the common ground and
all looks well but upon loading the circuit the voltage drops to +8v and
approx -0.5v...  Obviously we're missing something.

Are we trying something that violates the bylaws of the IEEE society?

Note the design is taken from the tonal tilt dual 9v battery to +/-9v
power design on headwize.com which can be seen here:


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