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Speaking of Moog service, I just solved the nagging problem with the perpetually-dirty key contacts in my Taurus pedals. The contacts are long springs attached to lever wires, that swing between a normally-closed mini bus-bar and a normally open one. The keyboard is a chain of SPDT switches that are cascaded to each other, so a dirty contact on one key can cause all the others not to play. It's very annoying.

Once corrosion sets in with these contacts, it's hard to keep them clean ever again. The Tarnex/distilled water method works the best but still does not last. The contacts are exposed to the air from the underside of the pedals and tarnish as a result.

So I took out the old contact board and put in a bunch of sealed SPDT Microswitches, the kind with metal arms with little rollers at the end. The rollers sit on the contact pads on the keys. I made it so that it bolts in to the same place as the original contact board, so I could "re-vintage" the unit anytime in the future. Besides, with the contact board out, I can potentially mess with more exotic cleaning attempts. In the mean time, the Taurus works once again, with no more problems. A five-minute visit to All Electronics and a half-hour at Lowes and I had all the parts I needed.

- Gene

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Thanks for the suggestions!
I used a pocket knife to pry the knobs off, and then cleaned the foam out.
It is as bad as everyone described! My advice to anyone doing this is to 
buy a huge box of
Q-tips and use then _liberally_. The Q-tips absorb the grease and foam.
Anyway I got it cleaned off, and the sliders work great.

Again, thanks for the help!

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