[sdiy] Moog Rogue dissasembly

Dave Manley dlmanley at sonic.net
Mon Sep 24 08:26:04 CEST 2007

One technique I've seen in an old Micromoog Moog service manual is to 
take a length of heavy insulated wire and use it as a knob puller.  Pass 
the wire under the knob and holding one end of the wire in each hand, 
with your thumbs under the wire and close to the knob, push up.  There's 
actually a picture in the service manual. It looks like the knob might 
go flying if you do it right.

You might try this with a loop of wire, so that there's a wire going on 
both sides of the shaft. 

I've never tried it, so have no idea if it works any better than just 
pulling on the knob.


nick ames wrote:
> Ok,
> I tried pulling slightly harder on the knobs, and using my fingers to 
> sort of brace under it,
> but when I do, it causes the other controls to move, because it is  
> actually _warping_ the board!
> This is making me kind of nervous about it. Maybe if I opened up the 
> synth first and then
> removed the screws holding the board to the case so that all the knobs 
> had equal pressure
> from gravity and then they would come off easier, or is there a better 
> way?
> Oh, and I think the knobs are original, because the slider knobs have 
> turned kind of yellow with age.
> Ben Stuyts wrote:
>> Hi Nick,
>> On 23 Sep 2007, at 23:38, nick ames wrote:
>>> I recently got a Moog Rogue off ebay, and it still has the foam inside.
>>> It came with the service booklet, and the directions for opening it 
>>> are pretty
>>> clear, but to remove the board it says "Remove all rotary and slide 
>>> pot knobs".
>>> I tried gently pulling on one of them, but it doesn't want to come off.
>>> How do I remove it? Do I just pull harder and/or wiggle it?
>> A few months ago I had to do the same thing with a Rogue. The knobs 
>> (when original) are all push-on types, so you just need to pull harder.
>> It's a mess, cleaning all that foam gunk. I replaced all the sliders, 
>> trim pots and switches, and cleaned the rotary pots.
>> Ben
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