[sdiy] Moog knobs?

Takuya Katayama pata at ieee.org
Sun Sep 23 04:47:37 CEST 2007

Hi David and the Lists!

Why don't you ask to MOOG MUSIC?

dbetz at xlisper.com wrote:
> This isn't exactly a DIY question (unless you consider it DIY synth 
> repair) but does anyone know where I can get Moog replacement knobs? I 
> recently purchased a Minimoog Voyager and it's missing a knob. It also 
> has two knobs that are missing their metal inserts. I'd like to buy new 
> knobs that match the rest on the synth but I've gotten no response from 
> Moog Music to a request I sent them about buying replacement parts. 
> Anyone know where I can get Moog replacement knobs?
> Thanks,
> David Betz
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