[sdiy] EFM users vcf6 is up

Larry Troth larry at unicode.com
Sat Sep 22 06:19:36 CEST 2007

There is an EFM_3500 group on Yahoo Groups that is independent of Tom or
Tom's Electronics For Music pages.  Small and not a lot of activity, but
also convenient to use, and Tom won't be shutting it down or changing it.
I've liked Tom's products, but the constant changing of the 'groups' and
loss of information has been VERY frustrating.  It would be nice to have
just ONE place for everyone to share on, and while SDIY is great, it is
sometimes hard to find ongoing discussions for a single group of products
here.  I may be strange, but I actually like the way the Yahoo groups work
for searching old data and being able to get batched e-mails instead of
massive numbers of individual e-mails (like here) or being forced to mess
with web pages and such like many of the blogs.  I often don't have time to
scan my personal e-mails so being able to group e-mails by the 'group'
indicator helps with getting through the backlog.

Long live SDIY in any case!!

Larry T.

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I used to try to contribute to EFM message boards with mods and  
building tips from my own experience, but every few months it seems  
Tom would change the system and lose all the data that everyone had  
contributed. I'd recommend any EFM users who want a record that will  
last to use their own blog/message board/whatever.


On Sep 21, 2007, at 9:44 AM, gino wong wrote:

> The vcf6  blog is up on EFM users.
> Open and full discussion about all aspects incl new design, mods, etc.
> Jump in , you are the experts
>  http://ele4music.com/user/?p=4

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