[sdiy] linear CV to log / antilog / inverse?

Nicholas Gregorich nicksdsu at mac.com
Sat Sep 22 03:38:41 CEST 2007

Yes, looks like you're right. I guess you'll achieve something better 
than the 8-bit PWM but probably won't see the full 16 bits either. Then 
again it takes a pretty nice DAC to give true 16 bit resolution, right?

I still say 8-bit PWM though a slew limiter could give good results 
especially considering it could be built quickly and cheaply (though I 
am not sure of the exact application yet).

Another cool thing about using micros is that you can do things that are 
hard (or impossible) in the analog domain like piecewise functions.


Paul Perry wrote:
> A 200Hz PWM at 16 bits - at minimum signal, the pulse is going to be pretty
> narrow isn't it?
> Like about a nanosecond?
> Whenever I've tried to do anything wide-ranging in PWM the degradation &
> jitter of marrow pulses defeated me. I'd like to hear any success stories,
> though.
> Paul Perry Melbourne Australia
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>> There are some 16-bit PWMs, I think the PWM frequency would be around 
>> 100-200Hz (shouldn't be too limiting for pot CVs, should it?).
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