[sdiy] Thermosistor for XR-2206 Thomas Henry VCO

Takuya Katayama pata at ieee.org
Fri Sep 21 16:33:51 CEST 2007

Hi Derek and the Lists!

I have 1kohm and 10kohm +3300ppm TEMPCOs to sell.
2pcs 1kohm in series or 10kohm in para, if enough room.
If interested, contact me off-list.

derek at umatic.nl wrote:
> The board for the Thomas Henry XR-2206 VCO that Tom Bugs made calls for 
> a 2K +3500ppm/C thermosistor. Where do people (in EU?) source these 
> things? How bad would the drift be if I used a normal 2K resistor?

Muse Music Synthesizer Lab., Tokyo.

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