[sdiy] studio amp kits? chipamp

peter edwards synth at casperelectronics.com
Fri Sep 21 05:42:25 CEST 2007

So... I've been looking into building a stereo amp for my studio to  
play all my home brewed synth gear through. I have a big heavy  
British Fidelity amp that I've been using for a while but it has  
started humming lately....and it's SOOOO heavy! I've been wanting to  
get something smaller for a while.  If anyone out there is interested  
in a trade lemme know.
anyway I want a small, decent quality, stereo amp that can bump but  
not blast...... I'm thinking MAX 100watts per channel.  I plan on  
plugging my mixer into it and running all audio to the amp THROUGH my  
I looked around and found a simple, high quality LOOKing amp kit here

Has anyone built one of these amps??  It looks promising but I'm not  
too knowledgeable with hi-fi amp stuff.
do I need a preamp??? does anyone have other kit suggestions?

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