[sdiy] Wanna play really fast? Check out this mod!

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Wed Sep 12 08:30:42 CEST 2007

I worked on a 'modded' Multiman the past few days.  Some of the 
enhancements were a little out of my league and I figured I'd better 
restore it to factory spec.  I'd rather play fast when I want to, not 
because I have to!  sounddoctorin.com/synthtec/crumar/multiman.htm and 
check out the 'modifications' link down a ways.

This one was a 10 dollar plus ship buy off ebay.  Though the parts were 
probably worth more then fixing it up...I powered it up and after some 
cleanup got a mostly working synth so I figured I should make new 
plywood sides for it instead of the particle board and add it to my 
'resurrected from the almost totally dead' room :-).  I like the sound 
of some of the settings quite a bit.  moog rip off filter on the brass 
with AR and upper lower half volumes for brass, piano (a switched 
clav/piano mix) cello and violin. Plus a pedal bass you can opt on as 
well.  Some nice possibilities. -Bob

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