[sdiy] MFOS Sequencer Update

thomas white djthomaswhite at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 07:27:44 CEST 2007

Just wanted to drop an update on this recently built
unit. I have worked all of the kinks out and I am very
satisfied with what I can do with the module. I used
to have a Doepfer A-155 (?) and ended up using it as a
drum sequencer most of the time. This MFOS sequencer
can be used for so much more even though it is so
simple to operate. 

One of the "bugs" I thought I had involved the
External Clock input. I thought it was not working
when pluggin in my MOTM-320 LFO or MOTM-300 VCO to
closk the sequencer. Turns out these will not clock
the unit as they go into the negative voltage realm.
This is explained in the MFOS documentation but in my
hurry I failed to notice the importance of it. But,
never fail... this brings a benefit to me in the form
of a "bonus feature". The Sequencer is looking for a
positive-only gate/clock signal. Each positive pulse
it gets advances the sequencer one step. This allows
me to control the "Swing" of the sequence with an
external gate signal. 

For example, I take an extra MIDI channel from my
MOTM-650 midi controller to use as a "manual clock". I
record one key in triplet time into my sequencer. That
recording is looped and the gate out sent into the
External Clock jack on the sequencer. Et Voila'! 
Swing time baby! I could go in and add the diode Ray
Wilson mentions would fix this, but that would take me
back to straight away 8ths or 16ths again and I like
the option for swing if I want it. Happy accidents are
great right?


--- thomas white <djthomaswhite at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have completed my Ray Wilson design of his Music
> From Outer Space 16-step analog sequencer. There is
> more information about the concept up on
> www.naturalrhythmmusic.com/sequencer.html which will
> be updated with completed images soon to replace the
> under construction ones there now. I am excited with
> the result of my work on this. Thanks to Ray for
> making this PCB available to all. There will be 8
> videos on youtube. 3 are up now and the others are
> being uploaded as I write this...
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU6d24_eZ08
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvZi-YMvHRE
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5cx6Z7wDOg
> My youtube ID is djthomaswhite
> I am interested to know what you think about the
> results of the project. I am really glad to have a
> true analog sequencer in my modular. Ray's design
> works very well!!! 
> My format is my choice of course and MOTM works the
> best for me. But this PCB can be built into
> Eurorack,
> Synth.com, Frac, etc. The whole project was pretty
> cheap to build considering the final result. The
> panel
> was the most expensive piece. Other than forgetting
> one ground wire to the pots and switching the lug on
> one other wire I did not have any difficulties
> building the unit. Wiring is my least favorite part
> so
> I was grumbly for a good portion of the build at the
> end when the wires were flying in my rush to get the
> lights rotating. This is why I forgot the wires and
> I
> recommend to take your time to not have these same
> errors. 
> Thanks for stopping by!
> Thomas
> PS. Here is a link to Ray's page so you can buy one
> for yourself...
> Thomas White
>   Natural Rhythm
> www.naturalrhythmmusic.com
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Thomas White
  Natural Rhythm

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