[sdiy] MFOS Sequencer Videos - MOTM Format

thomas white djthomaswhite at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 9 20:41:17 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I have completed my Ray Wilson design of his Music
>From Outer Space 16-step analog sequencer. There is
more information about the concept up on
www.naturalrhythmmusic.com/sequencer.html which will
be updated with completed images soon to replace the
under construction ones there now. I am excited with
the result of my work on this. Thanks to Ray for
making this PCB available to all. There will be 8
videos on youtube. 3 are up now and the others are
being uploaded as I write this...




My youtube ID is djthomaswhite

I am interested to know what you think about the
results of the project. I am really glad to have a
true analog sequencer in my modular. Ray's design
works very well!!! 

My format is my choice of course and MOTM works the
best for me. But this PCB can be built into Eurorack,
Synth.com, Frac, etc. The whole project was pretty
cheap to build considering the final result. The panel
was the most expensive piece. Other than forgetting
one ground wire to the pots and switching the lug on
one other wire I did not have any difficulties
building the unit. Wiring is my least favorite part so
I was grumbly for a good portion of the build at the
end when the wires were flying in my rush to get the
lights rotating. This is why I forgot the wires and I
recommend to take your time to not have these same

Thanks for stopping by!


PS. Here is a link to Ray's page so you can buy one
for yourself...


Thomas White
  Natural Rhythm

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