[sdiy] digital control of CV

ASSI Stromeko at compuserve.de
Mon Sep 3 20:14:19 CEST 2007

On Sonntag 02 September 2007, jure zitnik wrote:
> now from what i've seen such things are mostly done by multiplexing
> control knobs, getting the multiplexed control signals (CVs?) in an
> ADC, enter digital domain (patch store/recall), and then back to
> analogue through a single fast DAC that constantly cycles over all
> the CVs. separate modules' inputs each have a sample+hold circuit
> that samples when that module's CV comes up.

AD makes a series of "Infinite S&H" and multichannel DAC chips (16, 32 
and 40 channels with a variety of output ranges 10, 12 and 14bit 
precision, with and without offset and gain error correction - AD55xx) 
that can be controlled via SPI.  About the only downside is the need to 
deal with fine-pitch BGA packages that makes a four-layer board 

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