[sdiy] digital control of CV

jure zitnik kokoon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 22:25:41 CEST 2007

hi guys.

in the recent months i've been toying with the idea to toss a few diy
modules in a box, and call it a simple subtractive monosynth. fixed
architecture. now i'm thinking it'd be really nice to have it
digitally controlled, patch storage and such.

now from what i've seen such things are mostly done by multiplexing
control knobs, getting the multiplexed control signals (CVs?) in an
ADC, enter digital domain (patch store/recall), and then back to
analogue through a single fast DAC that constantly cycles over all the
CVs. separate modules' inputs each have a sample+hold circuit that
samples when that module's CV comes up.

am i way off? can anyone direct me to a similar project? i'd love to
see how other people did that in the past, i'm sure it's been done
many times.


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