[sdiy] More MG-1 Mods completed...

DTK aurastar at cox.net
Tue Jan 10 05:45:10 CET 2006

Well, I'm just short of ecstatic...

Having just received my CV-5 I had set my mind to finally doing a couple of
mods to the MG-1 to make the 2 play nice together.  So now my MG-1 has a
Gate in (instead of S-trig) Filter CV input, and Detune CV input, all
working quite nicely.

I am getting the *sickest* sync mod sounds out of it right now... it's
really unbelievable to hear my little humble MG making noise like this :)

I'll be working on adding PWM via CV next... and then, I'm out of ideas, and
I still have 1 more CV source left.  Anyone have any suggestions?  :)  I've
been searching my schematic but I think I may have all the MG's
voltage-controlled parameters covered...

Anyway, just had to share...


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