[sdiy] Metrophage - tempco order

groovyshaman groovyshaman at snet.net
Sun Jan 8 23:53:51 CET 2006

He lives in Stratford, Connecticut.  Not sure of the address.  I live in
Danbury, CT which is about an hour northwest.  I hope he is ok.  Maybe the
cat ate him?

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On Jan 8, 2006, at 4:19 PM, groovyshaman wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> I ordered all three types and have been waiting since July. I've sent
> emails about once per month and I haven't received a response since
> October.

Hmm.  Now that you mention it... I looked back at my last year's worth
of SDIY email, and
I see he hasn't posted since October 18.  And at the time he was having
a feud with
a cat that had peed on his Juno-106.  Could be trouble... :-)

Seriously, he was a regular poster for a long time, and he seems to have
just dropped off the edge of the net.  Maybe someone had better check
on him.
Does anyone know where he lives?

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