[sdiy] Metrophage - tempco order

The Peasant ecircuit at telus.net
Sun Jan 8 23:00:16 CET 2006

I have not received mine yet either, I had ordered all three values.

Take care,
The Electronic Peasant


Quoting Tim Parkhurst <tim.parkhurst at gmail.com>:

> CJ / Metro, are you out there? I'm doing a little checking up for a person
> who ordered some tempcos from you (he no longer subscribes to SDIY).
> Are there any others out there who haven't received their orders? I saw that
> many of the orders (but not all) were filled in October, but some people
> were still waiting, especially for the 1.87k parts. Who else is still
> waiting for tempcos from Metrophage?
> Tim (defective detective) Servo
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