[sdiy] Finally - after almost 2 weeks of tuning problems .......

Rykhaard D.A.M.I.A.N. rykhaard at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 21:17:52 CET 2006

thanks especially to Dr. Timothy Stinchcombe, Harry Bissell, Ken Stone et
al, I have a proper tuning method for the rotary switches on my
sequencer!!!!  :D :D :D

All of the fiddlings trying to get one method to work properly, but never
QUITE getting there - was frustrating as heck!

Now - thanks to combining Dr. Tim's suggestion of the Constant Current
Source combined with Ken Stone's LM329 6.9V reference - I have a proper
tuning structure for the rotaries! :D

I just finished hooking up the CCS after the LM329 6.9V reference to one
rotary switch - tuned it up to 1V/octave, and it's flawless on each of the
12 notes. :)  Barely a bit of beating - but I tuned in a rush.  With a
slight bit of fine tuning, it'll be beat free across the octave. :)

I'm off to hook up the other 3 rotary switches, and will be posting a new
WAV sample to my website - with the 4 rotaries playing a changing sequence -
this time - PROPERLY tuned!  Haha. :D

Once the rest of the system is put together, I'll be posting a schematic of
it for everyone, on my webpage. :)  Hopefully others may find it useful for
building, as well. :)

Again everyone who has helped greatly over the past 10 days or so - thank
you IMMENSELY! :D :D  Credit for each is posted on the webpage already as
well. :)

Take care,
Warmth and Peace,

http://deathlehem.bravehost.com/damian.html - D.A.M.I.A.N.;s webpage - Jan.
0406 update
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