[sdiy] Ear News: Four new products, new delears and NAMM!

Peter Grenader peter at buzzclick-music.com
Fri Jan 6 21:27:07 CET 2006

Please excuse the x-postings.

Ladies and Gents,

Electro-Acoustic Research (EAR) is very excited to announce some big

Effective Jan 1, 2006 Analogue haven has become our U.S. dealer!  Both U.S.
and oversea's customers may now purchase EAR product directly from the AH

To mark this occasion, Electro-Acoustic Research will be at the Analogue
Haven booth at the winter Namm show in Anaheim. It's booth 1787 ~ come by
and give us a high five and tweek the current and ever-expanding Plan B and
Livewire product line.

Plan B is also pleased to announce the following new products:

Model 14 Dual Voltage Processor
Model 15 Spectral Multiplexer
Model 19 VC Gate Delay
Model 23 Dual Analog Shift Register

To have a look, go to:


...and scroll down to the module listing menu.  Information on these new
products, as well as updates on the Models 18 and 18A  are online.

Both the Model 14 and Model 23, along with production units of the Model 18
Stereo Mixer and 18A Mixer Expander will be available as soon as March of
2006 and will be at our booth at NAMM.  Make sure you check out the photo's
of these four modules on their specific product listing page on the EAR site
- they are all there.

Have a fantastic 2006 and ....see you at NAMM!

- Peter Grenader

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