SV: Re: [sdiy] Adding CA3140 to archive...

karl dalen dalenkarl at
Wed Jan 4 20:46:09 CET 2006

Second that!

Perhaps its time to start a CA3083 user union Ian! :)

However, it seams that Intersil is having a rather 
large wafer stock of these since they now can offer
PB free units! And looking into the resalers stock
gives us that over 10k units are available! :)


--- Ian Fritz <ijfritz at> skrev:

> At 09:33 AM 1/4/06, Harry Bissell Jr wrote:
> >The 3140 is useful for applications where you want a really, really
> >high input impedance... mainly S/H  or inregrator applications..
> Yes!  Still in production and available for <$1 from ElectronicGoldmine, 
> Jameco and Mouser.  Great bang for the buck.
> Electronic Goldmine has them for $.45 and they also have CA3083 for 
> $.60.  The 3083 is still my favorite for NPN expo converters (use 
> transistor #3 for HF tracking).  Low Re and very good matching.  Stock up 
> on these, folks.
>    Ian 

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