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I have purchased a replacement EL from Telesis (they make custom sizes) and
it went pretty smooth, I'm sure there is someone out your ways that does the
same thing.  One tip though, if you can avoid it, DO NOT REMOVE THE LCD from
its PCB. I fixed a rack synth with a burned out backlight and  made that
mistake, spent hours trying to line up the contacts (the rubber ones) with
the display.  The backlight was glued (small dab) to the PCB and I could
have easily just pried it off with a plastic knife without taking the LCD
housing off and just slid it out.

"Setting the RESONANCE to high level might prove interesting" - Roland
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Dear All,
Off topic but definitely DIY!!!!!
My Akai S3000 sampler's backlight is dying a slow but dignified death. Some
options occur to me and I'd like opinions from any of you who've had this
It seems to me I can do several things:-
1. Replace the backlight with the 'correct' item from Cimple Solutions
2. Get a universal 'kit' backlight EL panel from Farnell (or other source?)
3. Go for a LED panel (I'm sure I can tap into a suitable voltage somewhere)
as an 'off-the-shelf' item
4. Make my own panel with matrix board and surface mount LED and current
limiting resistors.
Anyone out there had a go at this? Any suggestions?
Regards to you all.

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