[sdiy] quality potentiometers?

Rob Keeble rob at emulatorarchive.com
Tue Jan 3 23:26:38 CET 2006

Only 2 choices..

Bourns 91A High price, but reduces at 50+ volume. Loose feel but actually
very nice. Electrical accuracy is not cool but I have never had a bad 'un. I
fell out with these because they are such a soft touch, but I now rate them
as the best. They are high quality, they'll last 25 years. Good enough for
E-mu Systems...

Spectrol 148/248/149/249. Medium price. Tight feel, easy to set accurate
values. Electrical accuracy very good, but 1 in 10 are duff. Wrong
resistance 80k rather than 100k or have a rough spot. But they do have 1/8"
shafts too.

Nothing else counts. Don't compromise, the pot is THE control surface


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