[sdiy] Fw: John Simonton

Grant Richter grichter at asapnet.net
Wed Nov 30 18:53:37 CET 2005

> My interest in building synths was sparked by an early set of  
> articles John wrote in one of the popular electronics magazines.   
> It was while I was looking at one of these that I saw a tiny ad for  
> a newsletter called "Electronotes".  While I only ever actually  
> built one of John's designs, I bought several of the manuals to  
> study his techniques.  Unfortunately, he was pretty much off the  
> sdiy list by the time I joined, so I never had any interaction with  
> him.  But I was always impressed with his willingness to sell his  
> manuals without the kits and with all the free circuits and  
> information he put up on the PAIA website.
>   Ian

I don't think John was an EE, but he had a very practical knowledge  
of how to get things done in electronics.
He was very knowledgeable about capacitive touch switches. The Exor  
capacitive balancing circuit works very well.
The PAIAs also followed the "West Coast" split CV / Audio paradigm.  
Apparently it is easier to go from that to
a unified connector type than the other way around.

And lets not forget the 8700 computer keyboard with Quash, which  
actually worked quite well (for the price).
Hand loading the software was a bitch though, ha, ha. But I did my  
first 4 part keyboard sequencing on one.

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