[sdiy] Some interesting stuff I don't need...

Chris Randall chris at smg.org
Wed May 30 23:01:22 CEST 2001

Hey, all:

In the process of packing for a move this weekend, I came across something
that may interest one of you. It's an un-opened Prophet 5 Rev 3 Survival Kit
from Wine Country. It contains the following:

1 CEM3310 EG IC
1 CA3280 VCA IC
2 control panel pots. Value is unknown.
1 control panel switch body
2 black control panel knobs
1 fuse

Since I don't have a Prophet 5 any more, I have no use for this. I haven't
opened the package, and thus can't vouch for the contents and condition, but
I bought this from Wine Country for $70 around 1996 or so. If anybody has a
need for this, let me know.

-Chris Randall

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