[sdiy] 2600 op-amp question

Mesa237 at aol.com Mesa237 at aol.com
Sun May 27 02:12:02 CEST 2001

I disagree with grichter somewhat on his view of modifying classic 
instruments... of course removing beloved features or qualities is not the 
desired outcome.  It is true that visibly modifying them can reduce value, 
but i bet no one will complain if the noise floor is reduced by 6db.  The 
reverb in a 2600 hisses like an angry dragon, and there are several things 
you can do about that.  All the better.

As for the opamps, i'd suggest a truck load of AD712's.  they should work for 
all of the dual opamps.  My 2600's have never sounded better.  For 
suggestions on replacing specific opamps, check out the Miller Freeman 
(publisher) book by Mark Vail ("Vintage Synthesizer" i believe).  Tim Smith 
(who worked at ARP) knows his way around a 2600, and suggests which opamps 
should go into which cuircits.
-paul brooks

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