[sdiy] SN76477...supercontroller

Crystal gosd at mwaz.com
Fri May 25 03:07:30 CEST 2001

>did you ever find that? I just got one of these chips, and though I'm
>considering something along the dark star schematics, i was interested in
>seeing what other options and ideas there were floating around about this

somewhere oh somewhere in my extensive library (not nearly just electronics)
it is hiding, however as i mentioned you should try greg out as he has said
he has the complete polyphony collection.
but perhaps ask
> Greg.Montalbano at ucop.edu
when i get back from my week and a half roadtrip i will try really hard to
find the original and my version. as i said it's a lotta chips and soldering
and i'm not too excited about it. a 'regular ' noise circuit and 2 LFO s
would be a better bet i think. (i also modded the heck out of a Darkstar
Chaos from Blacet and came to the same conclusion, it's ok, but separate
circuits would be better)
i also made a very cheezy drum machine out of one many years ago. just used
1 chip and a handful of cmos logic, multiplexed the different sounds. as a
beginner that was actually good fun.
cheers all, i'm off...,

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