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Fortner Florian florian.fortner at fh-joanneum.at
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Do you need the potentiometers for the CV's ? Then it would be cheaper to
multiplex a DAC to the Destinations, with simple Sample&Hold (look at the
Juno 106 schematics). If you are looking for a big amount of cheap digital
pots, look at www.spoerle.com (distributor with nearly everything in stock).
I ordered some crosspoint switches there (for analog signal routing) and I
didn't pay much more than the manufacturers price.



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I'm looking for a cheap, glitchless Potentiometer for a Synt-Project
in Germany. I would need quite a few of them and so 8,-DM/piece
is a bit too much. I usually order from Reichelt, but they don't seem
to carry anything affordable (I will need like >10 of them for the 
Is there a substitute, like using transistors or something which doesn't
get too complex.
My project will use some AT90's, analog + 8-bit digital FX and analog
VCO's and VCF's... maybe Penfold or other circuitry.
I got a webcam, so I will show you some of my "developements" in
the future. I got quite a few plans creeping about... like ... ahh, I
better shut my mouth now.. will be surprise. (Before Doepfler
snatches it..!). It has to do with the design, not with the circuit..

A friend and me allready sold a little custum FX box.. we were
proud that it worked out quite well.

If you got an Electra Distortion unit:
substitute one of the diodes (I forgot which one, I _think the right
with an LED (a sqare red one) If it flashes when there is sound input
it's right. This sounds quite nice to my ears.
Check it out..

PS.: Because of _you_ I was able to learn so much, it's not funny
       All I knew before I submitted to this list was that there are
       and resistors, well, basically what you learn in school...Thanks!

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