[sdiy] Electronotes (was.i'm just another annoying newbie)

JP jpotter2 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon May 14 04:50:31 CEST 2001

God - Just reread that note.  Please forgive my atrocious grammar.  Believe
it or not, I can occasionally string several words together to form a proper
sentence and, on a good day, manage a couple sentences into a paragraph.

Too tired.  Need to sleep.


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> Anyone know where I might find a couple Electronote articles on line?  I
> just found this one on the MOTM website
> http://www.synthtech.com/tutor/tutor1.html .  Just trying to get an idea
> style to decide what's next for me -
> one of the Electronotes compilation books
> the art of electronics
> Jung's Op Amp Cookbook + the Lancaster Active Filter Cookbook.
> I realize they're all good (thanks to your suggestions) - just trying to
> decide on which one to pick up after I've finished the 2 books I'm working
> on right now (Musical Applications of Microproccessors & They're are no
> Electrons).  I checked out the art of electronics today at the bookstore
> it looks good.  Lots of explanations on why things work like as they do.
> hope to get through all of them in the not too far off.
> Steve - You said you thought the Electronotes comps were available through
> the Midwest website.  Midwest what?  Anyone have a URL?
> Thanks,
> JP

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