[sdiy] i'm just another annoying newbie

Robert Kukuchka the8bitdeity at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 16:45:37 CEST 2001

     My name is Robert Kukuchka, and this is my first
time posting to the list. I've been lurking for a few
weeks reading and learning from the posts (at least as
much as I can). I'm an EE student at the Rochester
Institute of Technology (NY, USA) and I'm hoping to
get involved in some sort of synth design when I
graduate. So far I'm really enjoying all the math I'm
getting, but certain things aren't touched on that are
necessary.Anyways, I'm very interested in designing
synths and hope to make my own modular one day, but
judging from all the posts I've read there is alot for
me to learn. I've decided to work on some commercial
kits at first just to get my soldering skills up, and
aide in my understanding of analog design. I think I'm
gonna do the PAIA fatman, and the PAIA modular over
the summer (they're cost effective for a college
student, and I'm cooping so I'll have time),are these
a good place to start in terms of DIY? Also I keep
hearing about Electronotes, and some sort of
compilation book for the best circuits? Is this some
sort of publication I can subscribe to? Can this
volume of previous circuits be found in say a Borders
type store? What other publications should I consider
subscribing to (right now I subscribe to none) for
analog design or DIY info ( I don't mean keyboard mags
like Future Music or any other magazines like that)?
Anyways, I'm very glad to have found this list and
find it a joy to be learning so much in so little time
(it's a shame none of the faculty at my school are
interested in this sort of thing, they're all
uber-stiff engineers). Thanks for any help people can
~Robert Kukuchka


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