[sdiy] Single rail quad op-amp recommendations

harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Thu May 10 05:41:12 CEST 2001

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BIGOTS ???  now who would you be talkin' about?... huh, Meathead...  Y'get yer
hippy dippy little 324 opamp and put it where the sun don't shine if you
KNOW what I mean....    ;^)

Seriously (I resemble that remark)....  The LM324 is a good single supply
opamp... for control voltages where precision (low offset etc) is not a big issue.

It has asymmetrical drive capacity... so don't REALLY load it heavy.  Use it in
an ASDR and you might find that attack and decay times are not equal when they
should be...

And it lacks the bandwidth for good audio.

But for what it is... its a useful little opamp. I HAVE even chosen it for
use (in a current loop monitor... not a synth.)

<bunker mode off>

H^) harry

patchell wrote:

>     The quad version of the LM358 is the LM324.....Now, what makes these
> opamps single rail is the fact that the input common mode range includes the
> negative supply rail and the fact that the output will go almost down to the
> negative rail.  Any opamp can be used with a single supply, of course, it
> depends on how you are going to use it.  The CA3130 also makes a good single
> supply opamp, since the common mode input range actually goes below the
> negative rail and the outputs go clear to the rails.  But, this opamp is a bit
> tricky to use, and only works up to about 16 volts.
>     Also, there are LM324 bigots on this list because the 324 has this nastly
> little feature where you get a crossover glitch on the output under certain
> circumstances (the data book shows how to eliminate this).  Also, the LM324 is
> not really very good for audio frequencies.  Depending on how you use it, it
> is running out of gas around 10KHz.
> Richard Atkinson wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend a single rail power supply quad op-amp? Something
> > like the LM358 but four of them in a single package. I'm working on an FM
> > expander project and I need four op-amps. The target system only has +5VDC
> > on the expansion port.
> >
> > Richard
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